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Can I do some scouting in my hunt area?

Scouting in the hunt areas prior to orientation is forbidden unless the scouting is done from public trail systems. Any off trail access is not allowed. Most of our hunt areas require permits by cities or park managers so it … Continue reading

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Using Trail Cameras

The use of trail cameras is forbidden in our hunt areas. Many areas that we hunt require permits for accessing them off of the public trails. The use of these cameras usually involves going off trail.

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Can I get a map of the hunt area?

We do not supply map prior to the orientations for our hunt areas. The reason for this is to try to prevent people from trying to do scouting in the areas and to make sure the hunters get a chance … Continue reading

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How do I reset my password?

1. Click “Login”. 2. Click “Forgotten password”. 3. Enter “email address”, “verification code” as displayed and click “Submit”. You will be presented this message “Please check your email for password recovery information. You may close this window now”. CLOSE YOUR … Continue reading

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I tried to reset my password but it says “Email address does not exist in our database”. This could mean:

1. Your email field in your account is blank. 2. You have a different email address in your account record. Contact with your name, address, mbrb number and email address you would like to use. The admin will update … Continue reading

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I did not receive an email when resetting my password?

Check your junk or trash folder. If you are using a work pc your firewall might be preventing the email from reaching you. Try a non-work pc.

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Can I use scent attractants?

Any kind of deer attractants are not allowed on MBRB hunts. See our No Scent Policy for more information.

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Can I use a Crossbow?

The use of a crossbow in any and all MBRB special hunts is limited to those who are 60 years of age and older or for those who have a medically documented physical disability which precludes them from using traditional … Continue reading

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