Data Privacy

Hunters, please be aware that under the current Minnesota Government Data Privacy Act, your private data may not be private. Should a locality require MBRB to give your name as a volunteer hunter, your name is now considered public data. The MBRB Officers and Board of Directors are doing everything that we can to change the language in current MGDPA to protect a volunteer hunter’s private data. But until we can see this change in language through, you need to be aware of this loophole. Please know that with the exception of a couple of hunt areas, MBRB is no longer providing individual names to the localities that we work with; most localities will no longer ask for it. If you are uncomfortable with being a volunteer hunter with MBRB, please feel comfortable in opting-out or not applying for a hunt. We understand, we will not hold it against you.
Thank you all for your time and for your willingness to ‘do-good’ by helping localities with their deer population.