2022 Burnsville (Kelleher) Hunt Merged Into Murphy-Hanrehan Hunt: An agreement was reached between the City of Burnsville and Three Rivers Park District to have the Kelleher Park hunt become part of the Murphy-Hanrehan hunt starting this fall (2022).   Kelleher Park will comprise one new zone of the Murphy hunt.  Hunt rules will be those in place for Murphy.

2022 Data Privacy News! Please be aware. Hunters, please be aware that under the current Minnesota Government Data Privacy Act, your private data may not be private. Click here to learn more.

2022 Enrollments are CLOSED as of 7/31. No exceptions.

2022 Enrollment Fees: The enrollment fee when paid through PayPal will be increasing to $30 when enrollments open this year.  

Payment by check is increasing to $35.   Those hunters who pay their enrollment fee by check will see an increase in that to $35.  This is due to the extra costs that MBRB incurs in handling/processing check payments in order to bring revenues from checks in line with payments done electronically.   You can avoid the extra cost by paying online – the system is secure, as all transactions are handled by PayPal and at no time does MBRB store any of your personal payment information.

We now are allowing tree saddles but hunters must follow the Tree Saddle Policy found on our Policy Page. Click here to go to Policies.

No Scents Policy Change: Due to changes by the DNR related to the CWD rules MBRB has changed its policy so that we no longer allow any kinds of scents to be used. Please see the policy here.

COVID-19 Policy – COVID-19 Policy

Bowhunter Ed Certs:  You can scan or take a picture of your Bowhunter Education certificate and upload it using the link found on your login page when you login to your account.

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