Effective May 25th, 2023: The use of a crossbow in any and all MBRB special hunts is limited to those who are 60 years of age and older or for those who have a medically documented physical disability which precludes them from using traditional archery equipment or a compound bow.  Hunters must also hunt from an elevated stand.

Data Privacy News! Please be aware. Hunters, please be aware that under the current Minnesota Government Data Privacy Act, your private data may not be private. Click here to learn more.

Enrollment Fees: The enrollment fee when paid through PayPal is $30. 

Payment by check is $35.    This is due to the extra costs that MBRB incurs in handling/processing check payments in order to bring revenues from checks in line with payments done electronically.   You can avoid the extra cost by paying online – the system is secure, as all transactions are handled by PayPal and at no time does MBRB store any of your personal payment information.

Tree saddles are allowed but hunters must follow the Tree Saddle Policy found on our Policy Page. Click here to go to Policies.

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