About Us

“The MBRB’s purpose is to demonstrate archery’s effectiveness as a deer management tool and to convey a positive image of bowhunting while providing additional bowhunting opportunities to urban bowhunters.”

    The unchecked growth of whitetail deer populations in urban environments is a growing problem that is being addressed in some manner by many metro Minnesota communities. In most instances the solution is the physical removal of deer by trap and kill, sharpshooting or controlled hunting. While bowhunting has been used in some situations a common misconception is that bowhunting is not an efficient deer management tool and that organizing special archery hunts is both time consuming and difficult to administer.

    In response to this situation representatives from Minnesota’s leading archery organizations joined forces in 1995 to provide a unique service called the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base. The MBRB works with the DNR and metro communities to generate bowhunting opportunities. It assists communities when needed in planning and administering special hunts and it supplies qualified, competent and responsible bowhunters for the programs.

It’s important to understand that communities are not instituting these programs because they are pro-hunting or pro-archery. They are trying to solve a problem as efficiently as possible. Deer management programs generally require city council approval and most often they are opposed by anti-hunting organizations. When approved, they provide excellent opportunities to show how efficient, effective and problem-free bowhunting can be. In order to capitalize on these opportunities, we need conscientious and dedicated bowhunters willing to cooperate and work with us.

So, we ask you to think carefully before you apply. If your primary motivation to join is a trophy rack, or your first question is, “What’s in it for me?”, you won’t be happy with the MBRB. If, on the other hand, you agree with the goals and want to give something back to bowhunting, you are welcome and needed.

The MBRB has generated tremendous success stories that provide excellent documentation as to the effectiveness of bowhunting, and these results have been used to expand metro bowhunting opportunities, not only in Minnesota but in other U.S. metropolitan areas as well.

MBRB is comprised entirely of participating hunters, and so your help may sometimes be needed.  If you can serve as a team leader, hunt coordinator, or have other skills that would benefit the organization please indicate on your application or send a message via our “Contact Us” webpage – and thanks for helping!

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