CWD News

Many people are likely aware of this already, but there was a CWD-positive deer found near Farmington.   As a result, the DNR is setting up a new CWD control permit area, with a circumference of about 15 miles from the point at which the deer was found.   The permit area itself (605) will include some areas outside of the circle, to allow for establishing logical boundaries by roads, county lines, etc.  A picture of the current proposed area is posted here:  CWD Surveillance Area Map  This is still being refined, but as things stand, it will include the following MBRB hunts:

  • Cleary Lake
  • Murphy Hanrehan
  • Spring Lake
  • Burnsville (Kelleher)

There are some very general notes from the DNR regarding the requirements for hunts in the permit area, and they are posted here: DNR Initial Guidelines These procedures are also in process and we will have more complete information over the course of the summer..   As you can see, per standard CWD control procedures, all the deer will be sampled, and they cannot be taken outside of the permit area until the results come back OR if the deer are quartered at a central location TBD.  The DNR will also be providing dumpsters for entrails and boxes for collecting the heads for sampling.

Here are a couple of links to the DNR site regarding CWD in general, and about the south metro area specifically:

Chronic Wasting Disease Management

South Metro CWD

There are MANY details to be worked out over the next few months, but if you are considering these hunts, you need to be aware of the basic situation and what you’ll be dealing with.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes known.