I have never been a MBRB hunter so how do I become one?

1. Click “New Hunter”.

2. Enter your email address twice, the verification code and click “Submit”.

3. You will see the following: “Thank you for becoming a hunter for Metro Bowhunters Resource Base. An email was sent to you with a link in it for you to complete the application process. You can close this browser window”. CLOSE THIS BROWSER TAB!!

4. In the email you will see the following: “Welcome to Metro Bowhunters Resource Base! To activate your account and create your profile please click on the following link to verify your email address: Activate Account’. Click on “Activate Account”.

5. You will be presented a form. Fill it out (all red asterisks are required fields) and click “Save”. You will be presented a login screen with a message saying “Thank you for creating your profile. You may log in.”. You are now a MBRB hunter and can log in to complete your current year application.

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