I have not taken my Bowhunters certification class. Can I still apply and what do I do with it when I get it?

Yes, you can apply for any hunts you wish and you can be selected for a hunt. However, when you attend the orientation meeting you must provide proof that you have taken the class. If you can’t provide that proof you will not be allowed to hunt. Try and take the class as early as possible. As of 2014, the requirement has changed so that it now only requires passing the online written class – no field day is required any longer. In lieu of the field day, MBRB does encourage you to continue gaining as much mastery of real-life hunting knowledge as possible, such as participating in 3D shoots, watching videos showing shot placement and deer recovery, etc.

Once you have your certificate you can upload an image, pdf or picture using the link found on your login account page on our website. 

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