How do I renew my application?

1. Click “Existing Volunteer login”.

2. Enter your “mbrb #” or your “email address” and your password. Click “Login”

3. Click the link that says “Renew my application”.

4. You will be presented with a form where you will check some boxes. Read carefully! Click “Update” to create your current year application.

5. You will be presented your application. A copy of it was also sent to your email account. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER DOWN! Check your email first for your application (check your trash or junk folders too.) If you did not receive it via email for some reason, then print your application from your browser.

6. Sign your application.

7. Mail the application with $25 to the address on the application. There is an extra $5 cost for processing mailed applications so the fee is $25 instead of the online payment fee of $20.

8. Upon receipt your account will be updated. When you log in to your account it will say “Your application is renewed for <current year>” “Apply for Hunts”.

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