2021 No New Applications

The Metro Bowhunters Resource Base will not open application for the 2021 season to any new volunteer hunters. MBRB has experienced an enormous amount of growth in our volunteer database over the past few years which has brought many challenges, not only for our oorganization but for our landowners as well. In order for MBRB to be successful in meeting our mission to be effective in managing deer for our landowner clients, we need to ensure that our hunters have appropriate, sufficient experience in bowhunting, truly understand the purpose of MBRB and also the commitment required to participate in the hunts. The MBRB Board will be taking this year to determine the best means to be sure that new applicants meet those criteria.

The 2021 application process will still be open to any and all existing registered volunteers who are in good standing with MBRB.

We appreciate you and thank you for your understanding.


MBRB Board of Directors