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1. MBRB Volunteer Applications

There is an annual $20 application fee is you apply online. If you mail your application in you will need to include $25 to cover the cost of manually processing the application. The $20 is your fee for one year. It allows you to apply for any hunts for the year.

After you have been selected for a hunt, you will receive an email from MBRB that will instruct you to attend a mandatory orientation meeting. You MUST attend the orientation meeting, or an alternate will take your spot. You must bring proof of any MBRB requirements that you are missing, i.e. your bowhunter education class certificate, proficiency test certificate, etc. You should arrive early to the meeting so that you can get registered. If you are missing any MBRB requirements, you will not be permitted to participate in the hunt

During the meeting, specific hunt rules, hunt areas, and any special requirements will be explained. Assignments to specific hunt areas will be made; this will usually be based on hunter ranking as selected by the computer in the drawing. In other words, the first hunter selected in the drawing will be called first to choose where and when they wish to hunt. The highest-ranking hunter (last one selected in the computer drawing) will take the last remaining hunt spot. There will be one or more MBRB hunt coordinators for each hunt. The hunt coordinators are responsible to assure the hunt operates safely, efficiently, and that all of the hunt rules are followed.

Your certification pdf or a picture of it needs to be uploaded using the upload Certificate link found on your login page when you login as a member. Once we have that image uploaded it will be approved by an admin and will remain on file indefinitely.

Your certificate is not needed until your orientation. Also, it is not needed in order to apply for hunts.

1. Create an account with MBRB
2. Submit an application to MBRB
3. Take the online Bowhunters Ed course **** Take the online test on the Minnesota DNR web site.
4. Pass archery proficiency test **** The proficiency test is a yearly requirement.
5 . Apply for hunts **** Once your application has been processed you can apply for hunts.

1. Click “New Member”.

2. Enter your email address twice, the verification code and click “Submit”.

3. You will see the following: “Thank you for becoming a member of Metro Bowhunters Resource Base. An email was sent to you with a link in it for you to complete the application process. You can close this browser window”. CLOSE THIS BROWSER TAB!!

4. In the email you will see the following: “Welcome to Metro Bowhunters Resource Base! To activate your account and create your member profile please click on the following link to verify your email address: Activate Account’. Click on “Activate Account”.

5. You will be presented a form. Fill it out (all red asterisks are required fields) and click “Save”. You will be presented a login screen with a message saying “Thank you for creating your member profile. You may log in.”. You are now a MBRB volunteer hunter and can log in to complete your current year application.

1. Click “Existing Volunteer login”.

2. Enter your “mbrb #” or your “email address” and your password. Click “Login”

3. Click the link that says “Renew my application”.

4. You will be presented with a form where you will check some boxes. Read carefully! Click “Update” to create your current year application.

5. You will be presented your application. A copy of it was also sent to your email account. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER DOWN! Check your email first for your application (check your trash or junk folders too.) If you did not receive it via email for some reason, then print your application from your browser.

6. Sign your application.

7. Mail the application with $25 to the address on the application. There is an extra $5 cost for processing mailed applications so the fee is $25 instead of the online payment fee of $20.

8. Upon receipt your account will be updated. When you log in to your account it will say “Your application is renewed for ” “Apply for Hunts”.

Yes, you do. The application is online. The process is to fill out an online application each year. Once you have it filled in, you can either print it from your browser or wait for a copy which is sent automatically to your email address on record. In either case, print a copy of the application, sign it and mail it in with your $20 application fee.

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