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6. Preference Points

Also added in 2013 was the implementation of a preference point system. Once your application is processed, you are given a preference point. Beginning with hunt draws in 2017, Preference Points will be applied as a primary weighting factor for hunt applications ranked #1 through #3, in order to provide hunters with accumulated points to better benefit from them. This will also mean that your Preference Points will be set back to zero if you are drawn for your #1 through #3 ranked hunts.

You do NOT lose your preference points if you are selected for a hunt which was not your #1, #2 or #3 ranked hunt, if you are selected as an alternate, or are picked for a special hunt from the sharpshooter list. Be sure that you can make the hunt dates and the orientation meeting of the hunts you are applying for.

Again, once you are selected as a primary for a hunt your preference points are reset to zero – there are NO exceptions to this preference point reset regardless of your reason for not fulfilling your obligation to participate in a hunt for which you applied and were selected. Additional clarification: The preference point you are granted for simply signing up will be carried over if you do not apply for ANY hunts in a given year.

There are a number of reasons for this. The two most common are:

– Hunters don’t apply for hunts. They think just because they send in an application they are eligible for all hunts. That is incorrect. You must apply for all hunts you wish to enter the lottery for.

– There are many hunts to choose from but a lot of the hunts are on weekdays. If you only apply for hunts that happen on weekends, your chances are lower.

A preference point system was put in place in 2013. Each year you renew your participation in MBRB you receive a preference point. You can now rank your hunt selection by priority. Those who apply for a hunt as first choice will be put in a drawing which first selects hunters with the most preference points. A high percentage of the hunt slots are used in this primary drawing. A small percentage of those hunt slots go in another random drawing for those hunters who do not have enough preference points or did not get selected in the initial drawing. This method gives those with max preference points the ability to get in a hunt of their first choice. It also allows hunters without many preference points to have a chance at the hunt which they have listed as their top choice.

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