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7. General

Smart phones and some work desktops because of firewalls will not work with the web site.

Category: 7. General

1. Your email field in your account is blank.

2. You have a different email address in your account record.

Contact info@mbrb.org with your name, address, mbrb number and email address you would like to use. The admin will update your record and respond back to your email that your record has been updated. From there you can reset your password.

Category: 7. General

The reset password function will not work from a 4G phone. Use only a pc or laptop

Category: 7. General
  1. Check your junk or trash folder.
  2. If you are using a work pc your firewall might be preventing the email from reaching you. Try a non-work pc.
Category: 7. General

1. Click “Member Login”.

2. Click “Forgotten password”.

3. Enter “email address”, “verification code” as displayed and click “Submit”. You will be presented this message “Please check your email for password recovery information. You may close this window now”. CLOSE YOUR BROWSER TAB!! An email will be sent to you. In the email will be a link that says “Recover Password”. Click on the link and you will be presented with a page that allows you to change your password. Currently the password has an 8 character minimum. You will be presented a page for you to login.

Category: 7. General

Synthetic scents have been around for more than a decade. Many were developed by the same folks that produce natural deer scents. These scents can actually be more powerful than natural scents plus they don’t go bad right away. You can use them year after year. Here’s one article that talks more about it.

Synthetic Scents

Category: 7. General

Cross bows are legal, as described within the regulations with the department of natural resources and state law. Â However at all times the hunt coordinator has the authority to make those restrictions more stringent based on the circumstances of the placement of the hunter.

Category: 7. General

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